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There are four tools to find what you're looking for using search.  You can combine all four to get better results faster.

1. Simple Search 

The search is pre-set for Database Items  -

You can search for almost every attribute, for example, Star Wars Black Series Han Solo 09 (so here the Subject, Series, Character and Reference number).  You can also cut out unnecessary words so just Black Solo 09 will work as well.

2. Boolean Commands

You can use the following  -

  • Quotation Marks.  Hot Toys will find anything with the word Hot and the word Toys, "Hot Toys" will only find items that have the words together (helpful if you are looking for products made by Hot Toys).

  • The Minus Sign. Porsche -Cayenne will only show you items that are not Cayenne related.  The Minus and the word to be excluded have to be written together without a space.

3. Filters

Use any of the Filters on the left-hand side to narrow down results.

4. Sorting

You can find the sort in the top right and sort by these

NOTE:  We still need to work on the sort by reference number as it currently sorts literal (i.e. it would sort like this 1, 12, 189, 2, A, AB).


  • hobbyDB has Equivalent Search terms so that VW and Volkswagen get the same results. We can use these also to ensure we get all possible results for '57 Chevy and 1957 Chevy.
  • The search disregards Special Characters such as dashes so that Mercedes Benz and Mercedes-Benz get you the same results.

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