hobbyDB makes managing an ever-changing collection a breeze. Check out the simple instructions below to learn how to add to your collection, view your collection, edit an item, or delete something with a few easy clicks. 

Once you've added your collection to the collection management tool, upkeep is simple. You can delete an item at any time and edit any collectible's specific information. If an item is purchased on our marketplace, it will automatically be added to your collection, no manual addition needed. 

You'll also notice, there is a "Make Public" link next to each of your collectibles in your collection. If you'd like other hobbyDB users to check out your collection and connect over shared interests, click that link to change its status from "Private" to "Public". This option can be toggled on and off with ease. The "Privacy" column will indicate whether other users can see your collectible or not. 

Check out the Basics: Collection Management article for more details on using collection management to its full potential!

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