Listing an item for sale from your collection is simply a faster, more streamlined way to move through the steps listed above in the previous section. 

  1. Find the item from your collection that you wish to sell.

  2. Click on the title to navigate to the collectible's page.

  3. Click the "Sell This" button In the header of the page.

  4. You'll be taken to the listing details page to fill out as much information about the item prior to listing. Any information you added to the item when it was added to your collection will auto-populate here.
    Tip: check out our Seller best practices article for tips and tricks on selling your item quickly and without issue.

  5. Click "List for Sale" and "Confirm". 

Have a bunch of items that you'd like to list at the same price? You can bulk list items for sale by using the Batch Actions button from within your Collection Dashboard. Simply - 

  1. Head over to your Collection Dashboard

  2. Select the items that you would like to list in bulk

  3. Click the Batch Actions button and click Sell

  4. You'll get a pop up that asks you to add a price. Enter in a price and click OK

And the bulk listing is complete!

NOTE: Need to make a bunch of listing price updates? Just let us know and we can definitely help!