Promoting your listings on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social channels to utilize when promoting your listings. By directing more traffic to your site, you’ll increase your chances to sell even more inventory than ever before.

At hobbyDB, we’ve made it easy for you to start promoting your listed items on Facebook. Simply copy the URL from the hobbyDB marketplace or any of the PopUp Marketplaces we operate and paste it to your own Facebook page or a group page. This will immediately create a Facebook post that highlights the item that you would like to sell! Just follow these three easy steps – 

1. Copy and paste the URL

2. Over-write the URL and add some intro text for the item

3. Then post – it will update to show the item’s image and price and drive traffic to your listing

If the URL is from one of our PopUp Marketplaces it will mention the PopUp Marketplace that it came from and direct any clicks to that specific marketplace.  If that item sold in the mean-time it will look for another instance of this same item for sale and if it cannot find, one indicate that it has sold out – avoiding the need for sending Private Messages back and forth.  It also offers another key hobbyDB advantages of secure payments – never chase your buyer for money!