Champions at hobbyDB

Champion BadgehobbyDB Champions are experts in certain subjects who help “police” the site, hence their Sheriff Star type badge on their profiles. We rely on their expertise in a particular area to help keep our site as correct, complete, and accurate as possible. A Subject Manager can become a Champion by invitation.

Currently Champions have four administrative abilities:  

  1. Bulk Create Variants and unlink variants in search view
  2. Change Item Type
  3. Set values on items
  4. Merge Subjects
  5. Group and Ungroup Variants


1. Bulk Create Variants and Unlink Variants in search view

If items are principally the same model but have small differences such as color, baseplates, decals etc, they should be listed as Variants.  Here’s an example: Variants

Ticking the boxes and then clicking on the Create Variants dropdown at the bottom of the page will create the variants instead of unrelated listings. If some Catalog Entries are already variants then only one of them and the items we want to add as Variants need to be ticked.  Here the result:

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.34.34 AM



2. Change catalog item type 

You now have the ability to seamlessly change a catalog item’s type. You can do this in four easy steps –
  1. You can only change the item type of an item that is not a variant, so if applicable, unlink the incorrect item from its variants.
  2. Now, visit the unlinked catalog item page catalog item page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to your actions section.
  3. Click on the edit catalog item type button, then select the correct item type from the dropdown
  4. Hit save and do a little victory dance to celebrate your elimination of bad data!

Do remember that if there are any fields on the new type which weren’t on the old type, they’ll be blank. And if there are any fields on the old type that aren’t on the new type, the data that was in those fields will be lost.

3. Set Values on different items


4. Merge Subjects

Sometimes folks accidentally create duplicate subject pages. Now you can easily merge duplicate subjects into each other by simply clicking on the “Delete & Merge” button at the bottom of the subject page that you’d like to delete.

5. Grouping Variants by Different Criteria

Both Curators and Champions have the incredibly important task of grouping variants. You can find a step-by step guide to grouping here.