Getting Involved

Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, you’re ready start getting involved and enrich the hobbyDB collectibles database with your knowledge of all your favorite collectibles.

It’s not completely uncommon to stumble upon an item on hobbyDB with information that is either false or missing – even the most insightful community members make mistakes sometimes!

Editing an item

When you find an item with false information, you can easily make the appropriate changes by clicking the blue “Edit” button under Actions on the item’s page. This will take you to the pre-filled item description page where you can make the necessary adjustments.

Flagging an item

If you find an item with a certain attribute that you’re unable to change – such as an Incorrect Item Type – find the red “Flag” button under Actions, select your reason for flagging the item, and identify exactly what’s wrong with the item page.

Editing and flagging individual items are quick and simple ways any user can leave their mark on the catalog, but we wanted to give a more interactive task to those willing to answer the call. Therefore, every member on hobbyDB is invited to curate a page of their favorite collectibles!

Adding Links to an Item

External links are links to pages on other websites that are relevant to the catalog item you are adding the link to. To add an external link, click the Add External Link link in the External Links section of the item page; If you wish to remove one of the links you have added or if you add a link field in error, click the Remove link underneath it. When you are finished, click the Save Links button and the links you have added will appear on the item page. Please note that links to commercial sites (e.g. eBay auctions) are not permitted and will be removed. Links that are not relevant to the item will also be removed. Examples of relevant links would be a link to an offsite blog post about the item or a forum discussion about it.

Building Relationships Between Database Items

If two collectibles database items are related to each other, (for instance, they were sold as part of a set, or one item is a component of another item) you can create a link between them. We call these links Relationships. They can be created when adding a catalog item or when editing one. To add a relationship in either the Add Item or Edit Item forms, click the Set Relationships button on the item page. First, select the Relationship Type. For example, the item you are adding could be a Copy of another item or it could be a book which is About another item. Then select the Related Item – the catalog item you want to create the relationship with and add relationship. The relationships will be saved when you save your item and the two related items will be linked from each others’ pages.