Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you still find yourself having some trouble, always feel free to email us at Happy collecting!


Managing My Profile

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How can I change my email settings? Looking to update your email address or email subscription settings? Just shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure you get the help you need!

How can I change my user name? If you would like to change your user name, just send us an email at and we’ll make the changes you need.


Research & Collection Management

How do I use the Search feature? When it comes to the database of every collectible, the search bar can be crucial asset. If you’d like to browse the numerous categories and items that populate hobbyDB, simply click the Search button without adding any text to the search bar. Exclusive Search can be used for leaving keywords out of a search. For example if I wanted to look at Porsches, but didn’t want to be bothered with those pesky Cayenne’s – I simply type “porsche -cayenne”. My results will show ALL Hot Wheels except for Porsche Cayennes. The search on hobbyDB picks up keywords when you type, but if you want to search for something by the name of that item, you simply put quotes around the particular item you’re looking for (ie “Black Dalek Dunny”).

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.24.55 PMHow do I add an item to my Collection? Before adding an item to the catalog, first make sure that the item you want to add is not already in the catalog. If your item is indeed already listed on hobbyDB, you simply click “Add to Collection”. Then you’re taken to a short page where you can fill out the condition of the item itself, the condition of the packaging, and a few details on Storage Location, Date Purchased, and other any personal notes that you can use as a reference later on. If your item is not already in the catalog, chances are that the item you want to upload might be a variant of an item currently listed. Once you find that item’s variant, you click the “Add Variant” button. This will take you to a pre-filled listing form, where you can make whatever changes that separate your item from the variant!

What is a variant? A variant is an item that can be very similar to another item, except it has one or several distinct features that make it different. For example two cars with the same casting, but different color wheels are considered variants of each other. Variants are important because in the world of collectibles – it’s the most discreet details that make the biggest difference in an item’s value.

What do I do when an item I have isn’t in the catalog? This is where you really get to contribute to the project! There are two ways that you can add an item to the hobbyDB catalog. The quickest and easiest way to add an item to the catalog is to find an item that is similar to the item you want to upload, but not necessarily a variant. When you find this item, click on the “Clone Catalog Item” button at the bottom of the page. Similar to the “Add Variant” button, the “Clone Catalog Item” button takes you to a pre-filled form where you can change the differences that separate your item from the one currently in the catalog. Note that this will create a completely separate item, not a variant of another item. If you have an item with very specific details that you can’t exactly copy from another item in the catalog, you click the “Add to Catalog” button at the top of the homepage. From there you must select the correct item type from the list provided, and fill in the details required in the subsequent pages.

What if I’m unsure of the right item type? If you’re unsure of what item type to select from our list, try searching the database for an item similar to the one you’re trying to upload. If the item is truly unique, you can let us know and we will create a new item type for you!

How can I tell if the item I’m looking at is a variant of my collectible or not? We get this question a lot, and understandably so. It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a catalog entry on hobbyDB happens to be a variant of the item you want to upload – or if it’s considered a completely separate collectible. To help with this, imagine that these two items are completely stripped of their paint, accessories, and everything else; leaving just the general shape of the items’ bare castings. Next try asking yourself a few questions first: does this item have the same exact casting, or mold as my item? Or a more technical version – if I were manufacturing collectibles, could I produce these two items using the same item mold or casting? If you answered yes to this question, then these two items are variants. If it would cost you more to produce your item because it has a different mold, make, or casting…then these items are NOT variants.

For example if I wanted to upload a Corvette T-Top to the catalog and the closest relatable item is th Corvette Stingray, I would have to look at the structure of the two cars and see if I can find a difference. Upon examination I determine that the Stingrays have a standard roof, while the roof of my item is shaped like a “T” and doesn’t cover above the front two seats. This represents a difference in the casting of the two item and making it clear that they are NOT variants on one another.

If you’re still not sure, then simply ask us! We’ll be happy to help you determine where your item belongs on hobbyDB.

Can I upload my own photo of my collectible? Of course! Members of the hobbyDB project are encouraged to upload as many photos as they want, as long as they are of good quality. You can add photos by clicking the “Add Photos” button underneath an item’s main photo. You can either upload the photo from your computer, or drag and drop the photo onto the “Upload Photo” button. From there you can make any photo the main photo that appears on the page, or add a caption to each image. Remember, it takes a minute for the catalog to process photo uploads, so try and be patient as your photo may take a minute to appear.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.26.33 PMI’m trying to create a variant of my item, but can’t find the correct field to describe the difference? When adding a variant, there might be something unique about your item that isn’t covered in the fields provided. On the pre-filled page that you see after you click “Add Variant”, there should be an orange “Add Custom Variant Field” at the bottom. Here you can add the Field Name (ie “Baseplate Color” or “Type of Wheel”) and the value that your item holds for that field. Since this new item is unique, you will need to upload your own photos of the item in order for viewers to distinguish the items apart. If not, your item will be blank and people will be sad.


What is this “Clone Catalog Item” button & when do I need to use it? The “Clone Catalog Item” button comes in handy when you’re adding an item to the catalog that isn’t a variant to any current catalog item. By finding an item that is similar to the one you want to upload, but not necessarily a variant, you can save yourself the time of filling out each required field. Instead all you have to do is change the fields that make your item different from the one you cloned from, and add your own photos.

What if I found two related items that aren’t necessarily variants of each other? If you happen to find two items on the catalog that aren’t variants of each other – but are related in some way – use of the “Set Relationships” button! For example if you see a model car on the site of a Ferrari F50, you can add a “Model of” relationship and connect that model to the hobbyDB page on the real 1:1 version of the Ferrari F50.

Help! I found a problem with a listing but do not have the ability to change it? If you notice a problem with an item listing, you can “Flag” it and add a note specifying the problem. Our team checks up on Flags daily, so don’t hesitate to blow the whistle if you see something out of the ordinary.

When would I want to add an external link to an item? When on an item page, you can add an external link to an outside source of information that can go into greater detail about that item – such as an offsite blog post or forum discussion. Please note that links to commercial sites (e.g. eBay auctions) are not permitted and will be removed.

How do I view my collection? To bask in the greatness of your hard-earned collection, simply go to the drop down menu on the top-right corner of the page. From the menu, go to “Collection”. This page will show you every item in your collection, from here you can edit the conditioning or the packaging, put the item up for sale, and even delete the item from your collection.

What is a Wish List? When you find an item that sparks your interest, but isn’t yet available for purchase on hobbyDB – you can add that item to your Wish List. Once a seller on hobbyDB decides to put that item up for sale, you will get an email notification letting you know. Of course, you can always manage your Wish List from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page.


BuyingScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.25.01 PM

How come some items are for sale and some aren’t? hobbyDB is a user-generated site. Meaning all of the items on our catalog have been added by our generous members, and it is up to them whether they would like to sell their items or not. If an item has a red “For Sale”
ribbon on the photo, then one of our members is selling that item. If there is not a red “For Sale” ribbon on the photo and the “Buy” button is faded, that means that the item is not currently available for purchase

What do all these different shipping prices mean? The Shipping price is the additional fee to cover the cost that the seller must pay to ship your purchase to your particular world region. The shipping prices and regions that are available upon purchase are determined by the individual seller. If your region isn’t listed, then the seller does not regularly ship to that region. Combined shipping is the cost for each additional item coming from the same seller. And the max shipping cost is the most you will ever have to pay for shipping in an order from one seller regardless of how many items you purchase. For example if you lived in the U.S. and wanted to order 10 items from the same seller and the cost is $6.95 with $0.50 for combined shipping, it would cost you $6.95 + (9 * $0.50) = $11.45 for shipping.


How do I sell an item in my collection? Once an item is in your collection and you have already determined the condition and the packaging, simply click the “Sell” button in your collection or on the item page. Then you simply set your shipping costs and regions and you’re ready to start selling! Learn more about listing an item for sale here.

How do I determine my shipping zones and prices? You’ll be taken to a page to establish a particular item’s shipping cost and zones when you decide to place an item for sale. You can also set pre-filled values for your default shipping costs and zones by using the “Selling Manager” at the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner of the page.

What do you charge for each item that sells? hobbyDB only charges if an item sells, there is no charge for listing an item. The fee is 7% of the item cost plus Paypal fees for the total transaction (item cost plus shipping). The fee is capped, so you never pay more than $100 plus PayPal fees for any single sale. You can find more detailed information about our fees here.

How long will it take for me to receive my payment from a sale? hobbyDB makes payments to sellers on a monthly cycle. Payments are made for sales in the cycle after the buyer has confirmed receipt (or in the next payment cycle after one month from the date of sale has elapsed, if the buyer does not confirm receipt or file a missing item claim). You will receive your payments via PayPal.

I have a LOT of items I want to get rid of, can I open up a store with hobbyDB? Of course! Along with the easy-to-use selling process enjoyed by our regular sellers, you get your very own storefront with additional functionality such as: list quantities of stock, create categories, set discounts for single items or entire store, searchable store front, and more. Store owners have a unique URL that takes visitors to their own store front, where you can customize your store description and add your own logo. hobbyDB usually pays sellers on the third Wednesday of each month. For store owners that sell over $250 per week (including shipping), we will pay you weekly. Learn more about opening storefronts here.

How difficult would it be for me to add my inventory to my store? To add an item to your inventory, it first must be in our catalog. Once it is in the catalog, add it to your collection by clicking the “Add to Store” button where you can enter or edit additional information about the condition of the item you want to sell. Once the item is in your store, you can file it under whatever category you wish by clicking the gear underneath the item image and selecting “Assign Categories” from the drop-down menu.

Why isn’t the sell button working when I try to list an item for sale? Before listing an item for sale, you must add that item to your collection first. If the item is in your collection and you’re still having trouble, try disabling your pop-up blocker, as the sell button triggers a pop-up window.

Getting Involved

What is a Curator? Curators are members with special privileges that contribute to the project by keeping information clean, accurate, and up to date on their favorite collectibles. These members have the unique ability to “Create Variant Groups” and “Group Variants” – this way Curators can keep the related items on their pages neatly bundled into the appropriate groups. Curators are identified with a special badge on their page as well as their profile picture on the page they curate…so everybody knows who’s boss. Learn more about Curators here.Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 2.30.13 PM

How do I become a Curator? Just think of your favorite collectible and ask! You can curate something as specific as an individual catalog item if you want to start small. But you can go beyond just one item, you can even curate a subject of anything from as small as the Personal Happiness Happy Labbits vinyl toy series, or as expansive as all the pieces done by Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood.

Interested in becoming a Curator?

Can one page have multiple Curators? Yup. Recruit your buddies and take on the challenge of tackling hobbyDB’s more in-depth subjects, the (collecting) universe needs you.

What is a Champion? Champions are experts in certain subjects who help “police” the site. Whereas Curators are responsible for a specific page, Champions cover a broader scope of collectible subjects. Champions have the exclusive ability to “Create Variants” between two or more existing catalog items, meaning they link two items that previously weren’t variants.

Can I become a Champion? It depends! Curators that keep their pages clean and information accurate can earn an invitation to become a Champion and receive exclusive benefits as a token of our appreciation.  



How much is my item worth? Ah the age old question. We get this question quite often which is why price valuation information is in the works. With that said, beware of resorting to other sources such as books, auction catalogs, and out of date websites that aren’t up kept up to speed on pricing information. Subtle item variations can make a large difference in pricing, and these differences typically aren’t easy to notice — see if you can spot the difference between each of these Ruff Rabbits! Also, there is a fundamental difference between what an item is “worth” and the amount that someone will legitimately pay to take that item home. If you need a point of reference, try searching your item on eBay to see how much it is going for — once you get a point of reference you can then list it on hobbyDB without being charged a listing fee. No listing fee means you can list your entire collection for sale for no charge — saving collectors from resorting to bulk selling their collection for 25% of it’s value. Although if you are in a rush to get rid of your collection in a hurry, we have some members of the team and other contacts we can get you in touch with who buy collections in bulk for a reasonable price. 

If you have any questions that isn’t listed above, feel free to send us your question to and we will add it to the FAQ!