Custom Entry Guidelines

Customs come in all shapes and sizes and, for many, are one of the most enjoyable aspects of the collecting world. To help us maintain consistent and relevant data, however, we’ve created some special rules for adding them to hobbyDB as they’re somewhat different to mass-produced items from a factory or even one-off items made from scratch.

Firstly, consider if the item you want to add should be added as a custom. If, for example, you have a model that has been repainted over the original paint or which has had the wheels changed, then it should not be added to the database as a custom. If it has been dismantled, stripped and refinished, the main casting has been altered, etc. then it qualifies as a custom. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your item qualifies for inclusion as a custom, it should be entered as a variant of the factory-produced item which was used as a base for it. Some data fields will need to be treated differently for customs as follows;

  1. Brand: This should be the name of the customizer, not the original item used as a base to create it. For example, if you have a custom Drag Bus made by Liberty Promotions using a Hot Wheels Drag Bus as the base, the brand would be Liberty Promotions. If the Customizer is not known just add “Unknown Maker” (somebody else might recognize it later)
  2. Series: If the custom is part of a series produced by the customizer, enter this name here. If not, then leave this field empty. 
  3. Designer: Leave this field blank.
  4. Production Status: The production status should be Custom.
  5. Made in: Enter the country in which the custom was produced, not the item used as a base. For example, if the custom is based on a Kidrobot toy made in China, but the custom work was done in the US, you would choose United States, not China.
  6. Reference #: If the customizer issues a reference number for their custom, enter this here. If they do not, then leave this blank. Don’t use the reference number for the item the custom is based on.