Adding a Catalog Item

Powered by collectors worldwide, our mission is to build the world’s most extensive database that documents every collectible ever made. If you are passionate about your collection and want to share your knowledge, join us in transforming the collectibles universe. Help us get to 1 billion collectibles even faster by adding a catalog item to the database today.

How to add an item to the catalog – 

  1. Check if the item is already listed. First, check to see if the item is already listed or if it’s a variant of an item that is already listed. You can do this by searching or browsing the catalog. If it’s neither listed nor a variant, click on the the Add to Catalog button at the top right of the hobbyDB page.

  2. Select a type. Next you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll see all the current Types of collectibles we cover. Click on the type of item you want to add and you’ll be taken to the Add Item form. If you are unsure of what type to use, do a search in our database for an item similar to yours. If you do not see a type that is appropriate for your item, please select the “whatever else” type for your collectible. 

  3. Fill out the add item form. For most collectibles, only the Name field is mandatory. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in ALL the fields (either you or other users can add any missing information in later). Because some categories are a bit more complicated, here are a few custom guidelines for adding new items. 

    Hot Wheels Guidelines

    Vinyl Art Toys Guidelines
    Custom Entry Guidelines
    Real (1:1) Vehicle Entry Guidelines

  4. Add Photos. Once you have filled in all the information you want to add, you can add images to your item by clicking the Save & Add Photos button. Click on the Upload Photo button to browse your computer’s hard drive for the image you wish to upload. Image filenames cannot contain the characters # \ + % or ? You can also enter a caption for your image in the caption text box. Upload as many images as you wish. 

  5. Finish and View. When you have uploaded all your images, click the Finish & View Item button to view your new listing. Please note that images can take some time to complete uploading. If your images are still uploading, you will see a message to this effect underneath the main picture on the item page. But don’t worry, they will appear shortly.