About the hobbyDB Collectibles Database

frontpageThe hobbyDB Collectibles Database is designed to be a flexible system which users can use to document any type of collectible. All items listed in the database are automatically interlinked by any facets they have in common (eg. their manufacturer or branding) and are listed on pages dedicated to these subjects. Any registered user can add items to the catalog or edit existing items.

They can also create relationships between catalog items that are inter-related in any way (eg. if one catalog item is a copy of another or if several items are part of a set).   Items are cataloged under their respective types (eg. Model Cars, Comics & Graphic Novels and/or Decoys). If you want to add items of a type that does not yet exist on the site please contact our site admins so we can create the necessary page for it.


And the best part, the information in the database will always remain free! As a team we had a vision for a free resource which documented everything, bringing together data on the most popular – and the most obscure and so far undocumented – collectibles ever made. Why did we want to do this? So we could preserve it all for posterity, providing free, accurate information to everyone! With many detailed data points on each and every item, it’s easy for anybody to expand their collectibles knowledge with hobbyDB – whether you’re a museum curator or a beginner just trying to find out more about an item you found at a yard sale.

Read more about our commitment to free data in the hobbyDB manifesto


hobbyDB Free Data Manifesto