You’ve made a sale. Now what?

Cue fist pump, high-five, and happy dance. You’ve made a sale! 


Ok ok ok, now that you’ve had adequate time to celebrate, you may be thinking, what happens next? Well, it’s actually a super simple process from purchase to payday. Follow these simple steps to ensure a seamless process – 

  1. Your item has sold. You will receive an email immediately with the following details – item specifics, customer name, customer shipping address, and payment amount including the price of the item and the shipping price.
  2. Next, package the item and ship directly to your customer. Once you receive a tracking number, immediately send it via email to our lovely sales manager Tressa at
  3. As soon as you have shipped the item, you will be eligible for payment for that item. You will be paid for all items sold and shipped on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. As a reminder, there are no listing or storefront hosting fees on hobbyDB. hobbyDB only charges fees if an item sells. The hobbyDB fee is 7% of the item cost, plus the customary PayPal fee of roughly 3%. The fee is capped, so you never pay more than $100 plus PayPal fees for any single sale.
  4.  Wednesday rolls around and you get to go shopping! 

As a reminder, we have a dedicated sales team that is here to ensure all transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers are easy as pie. So if you have any other questions or want to know details of a specific sale, just email Tressa at and she’ll be happy to help. 

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