hobbyDB Fees Explained

Looking to sell some of your extra inventory? With a built in audience of collectors, hobbyDB is the perfect place! As we are collectors ourselves, we ensure that our fees are reasonable and only enough to keep the lights on here at hobbyDB. We’re a little different than most of the bigger companies out there as we only charge a fee once an item sells. 

The hobbyDB fee is 7% of the item cost, plus the customary PayPal fee of roughly 3%. The fee is capped, so you never pay more than $100 plus PayPal fees for any single sale.

As a reminder, it’s free to create a hobbyDB account and access all of the rich information in the database. You can read all about our commitment to free data in our Data Manifesto. The collection management tools are also there free of charge to help you organize and keep track of your collection. 

For more information about what happens when you’ve made a sale, check out this handy help article