Preserve your Automotive Publishing History with an Official Archive

Join Auto-Archives and hobbyDB in our mission to preserve every piece of automotive literature ever created! We’re partnering to offer automotive publishers around the world a chance to create a physical and digital archive of their entire publishing history. So whether you publish books, factory brochures, manuals, events programs, or car magazines, we’re here to help you preserve your back catalog for many years to come.

How the program works – 

It’s super easy to get started. To help the Auto-Archives build their physical collection, we’re asking publishers to donate a sample of every item in your back catalog to the library. In return, hobbyDB will create a digital archive where all of the publisher’s items will be documented.


In addition to preserving your publishing history, you will also gain new exposure to auto-collectors from all around the world. Once created, we promote your digital archive on the hobbyDB blog and our social media channels. Here’s an example of the Coterie Press launch –


Interested in making some extra income? You’ll also have the opportunity to create a dedicated storefront. Selling on hobbyDB gives your team access to customized storefronts, powerful sales tools, an innovative marketing suite, and 24/7 customer support.



So if you’re interested in getting involved, preserving your collections, and gaining more exposure for your collection, contact our team today to find out more.