Checklist for the perfect casting page

Welcome to the Curation Nation! It’s very exciting to have you aboard. To help you get settled in, here’s a handy checklist that will help you create the perfect casting page.

To get started, visit your casting’s variant overview page. For example, if you curate the Dairy Delivery casting, visit this page – 

  1. First, check if your variant overview page has a title and a description. If it’s missing a title and description, the page will look like this – 

    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.47.14 AM
    If the title and description are missing, please add both by clicking the “Edit Description and Title” button at the bottom of the page. After adding the title and description, you’re page should look similar to this –

    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 10.54.45 AM
  2. Check if there are any new items that need to be grouped. You will see these items listed on the top lefthand corner of the page like so – 
    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.42.38 PMIf the item looks similar to any of the other items listed on the page, you should add it to the relevant group. To do so, simply click on the cog on the bottom of the picture and select “Assign Variant Group”. You’ll be taken to a wizard where you’ll be able to put your item in the correct group. To learn more about how to group, click here.
  3. Once all of your items have been grouped, you will need to add a description on the sub-variant pages. To do so, simply click on one of the groups, for example, the first release group that I have listed on my Dairy Delivery page. You will be redirected to the sub-variant page where you can see if a description have been added. Once complete, your sub-variant page should look like this – 
    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.49.01 PMIf there is no description, simply click edit to add it. 
  4. Next, it’s important to also make sure each variant has a Variant Details Summary. The Variant Details Summary should tell folks what is different about each of the models. 
    Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 3.54.13 PMYou can add the Variant Details Summary by going to the actual catalog item page and clicking on the “Edit Variant Details Summary” button. For more detail on how to do advanced grouping and add sub-variants, click here.
  5. Last step is to add as many of the values of a particular casting that you can. You can bulk add values by clicking on the “Batch Set Values” button at the bottom of your variant overview page.