Curators at hobbyDB

Curators at hobbyDB are incredibly important to the project. Editing and flagging individual items are quick and simple ways any user can leave their mark on the catalog, but we wanted to give a more interactive task to those willing to answer the call. Therefore, every member on hobbyDB is invited to curate a page of their favorite collectibles!

Curators are members with special privileges that allow them to keep pages on their favorite items clean from bad information. Curators receive a special badge placed on their profile page as well as their profile picture featured on every page that they curate. More importantly, Curators can revel in the glory of delivering the most accurate information available to everybody that visits their page.

Find out exactly what you can do as a Curator by visiting our FAQ page!

Becoming a Curator is easy, all you have to do is find the page you want to Curate on hobbyDB and find the Curator inquiry box underneath the page image. Alternatively, you can tell us what subject you want to curate by visiting this page.

Curators who prove their dedication and superior knowledge of collectibles earn themselves an exclusive invitation to become a Champion on hobbyDB, where they can benefit from more admin tools that help them police a broader scope of collectibles. Find out more about Champions on our FAQ page.

Happy collecting!