hobbyDB Glossary

Here you will find our hobbyDB glossary. If you have any other terms that you think we should add, please let us know!

Advisory BGlossaryoard: A group of experts in their respective categories who assist in creating new catalog item types and help with general taxonomy or ontology questions. Here is a list of the current advisors.

Badges: Graphics that are awarded to users for their contributions to the catalog. These display on the user’s profile.

Catalog: The collection of items and their data hosted on hobbyDB

Catalog Items: Collectible item records in the hobbyDB catalog. These do not represent individual users’ collectibles, but rather the information about the collectible like manufacturer name, dimensions, color etc.

Catalog Item Types: These are categories of collectibles like Model Cars, Corkscrews, Print Ads etc. Each catalog item type has unique fields related to that category of collection.

Champion: A user that has expertise in a particular subject and helps maintaining the catalog by for example merging duplicated catalog entries and subjects.

Collectible: An item belonging to a hobbyDB user. These are individual instances of Catalog Items and include information specific to that individual instance like price paid and condition.

Curators: These are volunteers in charge of monitoring a particular area of the site. It can be a subject (or more than one) or a particular casting of a model and all of its variants. 

Livery: The livery is a logo, advert or brand name which appears on an item. For example, if a model tanker truck has a Shell Oil logo on the side, its livery would be Shell (not Shell Oil as that would creates lots of duplicated Subject pages such as Shell, Shell Fuel or Shell Öl). A race car driven by Jeff Gordon, for example would have the DuPont Livery, not “Number 24 DuPont Rainbow Warrior Chevy”.

Subjects: People, places, & things etc. which are related to Catalog Items, but not a Catalog Item themselves.

User: Any registered user can add or edit existing subjects and items, as well as adding collectibles and managing their collection and Wish List.

Variant: A version of an item that differs from another version of the same item. For example, it could be a different color, have different packaging or have an added feature. It should be noted that if an item has been made by two different companies using the same molds, then these would be variants, but if an item has been copied by a different manufacturer, that would not be a variant.

Wish List: Catalog Items that a user wants to bookmark. When you click the Wish List button, that specific variant of that item is added to your Wish List.  Also, sellers will see when someone is looking for an item, and you will receive an email to let you know one is available. The list can also be shared with other Users and non users.