Wheel Names on hobbyDB

Since the introduction of our Wheel Type field, we’ve gained lots of great pages on which you can easily see every model fitted with that type of wheels. The problem is that many different brands have wheels which have similar or identical names or names which are also used for series or ranges. Also, some wheels of course have acronyms like Hot Wheels’ Faster Than Ever ones which are widely known as FTE.

Among the features we have in the pipeline is one which will mean that fields like “Wheel Type” will only give you the option to enter the names of wheel types, not any other type of subject. In the meantime, however, we’ve developed this convention as a workaround.

A wheel type should be named like this;

[Name of Brand] + [Name of Wheel in full] + “Wheels”


  • Matchbox Maltese Cross Wheels
  • Husky Plastic Wheels
  • Corgi Wire Spoke Wheels

This way there’s no ambiguity about which brand the wheel belongs to, it’s easy to find them and easy for non-experts to understand what they are. We also avoid issues which can arise when the name of the wheel is the same as, for example, a range or series.

The one exception to this rule is Hot Wheels, where you can use HW instead of the full name, so;

  • HW Faster Than Ever Wheels

We hope this makes sense and provides a convention that’s easy to follow for people to avoid confusion.