Vinyl Art Toy Data Entry Guidelines

Welcome to the Vinyl Art Toy data entry guidelines! Adding vinyl art toys to the catalog is super easy. To help us maintain consistent and relevant data on each toy, we’ve created a list of guidelines to keep everyone on the same page.

  1. Name: Always use the name on the package. Please do not create custom names.
  2. Brand: The producer of the vinyl toy, such as Funko or Kidrobot
  3. Series: Defined by the packaging, blind box or otherwise. If there is no series listed on the packaging, it’s probably a special edition and not part of a series.
  4. Sculptor or Artist: The person who designed the toy, usually found on the bottom of the figure or the artist card included in a blind box.
  5. Production Status: There are three types of production status – 
    1. Standard Issue: Figures included in normal blind boxes
    2. Limited Edition: Chase figures and limited release figures
    3. Exclusive: Figures that could only be purchased or were given away at certain stores or functions
  6. Year Produced: Found on the packaging, most figures were only in production for one year.
  7. #Produced: This is an optional field as it’s not usually found on the packaging. 
  8. Ratio: This field tells how many of a certain figure appears in a given number of blind boxes. This will be listed on the packaging for standard issue figures. 
  9. Made in: Listed on the packaging.
  10. Reference #: Irrelevant
  11. UPC Code: Found on the blind box
  12. Scale: Irrelevant
  13. Depicts: This field defines what the figure is based on. Usualy this is only relevant if the figure depicts a famous character, i.e. Bart Simpson or Cartman. It can also define an animal it depicts such as a rabbit or bear, but that is not necessarily required. 
  14. Gender: This only applies to figures that depict a well-known character. 
  15. Material: PVC/Vinyl will already be chosen as the default material. 
  16. Color: Use the best judgement you can. Some colors are hard to define, but the list is extensive. 
  17. Features: Mark the features your figure has, or leave it blank if it doesn’t have any.
  18. Points of Articulation: List how many places the figure moves.
  19. Accessories: Please list any additional items that accompany the figure.
  20. Packaging: Select the packaging details from a dropdown menu.
  21. Blind Packaging: Select yes or no.
  22. Package Language: Found on the packaging.
  23. Dimensions: Most often listed on the packaging. If the dimensions are not listed, feel free to measure the figure if you have it in your possession. 
  24. Related Team/Organization: This can include any related companies, sports teams, or subjects. For example, if you have a vinyl figure of the Broncos mascot, add Denver Broncos. 
  25. Related Media: Include everything that the figure could be related to, such as TV shows, comic books, etc. 
  26. Description: Use this free form field to add any additional information about what makes this toy special.