Using the Add Variant Button

Your item is not already in the catalog, but your item’s variant is.

Step 1: A helpful trick to finding an item’s variant is to search the database for an item with similar characterics. For example: you could search for the particular set or series that your item was released in and see if you can’t find a variant this way. You can find more information on what exactly a variant is on our FAQ page.

Step 2: Once you run the search, it can be a little ambiguous trying to determine whether these items are variants of your item or not. Check out the FAQ if you’re having trouble.

Step 3: Once you find that item’s variant, you click the “Add Variant” button.

Step 4: This will take you to a pre-filled listing form, where you can make whatever changes that separate your item from the variant! Don’t forget to add some high-quality photos as well!

Step 5: Now that you’ve created the catalog item, click the “Add to Collection” button and set the condition and packaging of your collectible.


How do I make two existing items variants?

When you find 2 items that should be variants, but are not,  fixing that is pretty simple. On the search results page, there is a small “check box” under the collectible information for each item.


Start out by checking that box for the two (or more) items that you want to make variants.


Once you have checked your items, scroll down to the bottom of the search results. There, you will find a small dropdown menu with various actions to apply to the checked items. “Create Variants” is the default option, so in this case you don’t even need to change the dropdown, all you have to do is hit apply.Picture3


Once you hit apply, a new screen will pop up with your selected items appearing as thumbnails. Beneath each thumbnail, there is a small, clickable bubble with the words “Retain Variant Title and Description”. All you need to do is click the bubble under the item you want to keep the variant title and description for. The item that has the most related variants should retain the description.  


Once you’ve chosen which variant description to retain, just hit “Create Variants”, and you’re done!